LightMan Writer

LightMan Writer is a very practical and solid CD & DVD burning application deisgned for all categories of users. In addition to easing the data recording process, LightMan Writer includes special…

LightMan Player

LightMan Player is a potent little program that allows you to store and enjoy the easiest way possible all your digital media files in your collections: music, video, images, recorded TV etc.

LightMan Converter

LightMan Converter is a far-reaching audio tool with powerful features for CD ripping, audio encoding and and converting into multiple formats. It’s easy-to-work-with and offers compatibility to a wide…

LightMan Extractor

LightMan Extractor works on any Windows platform. It’s low resource-consuming and includes a built-in player for music files.Starting with its interface–well structured and uncluttered-LightMan Extractor…

LightMan Recorder

LightMan Recorder is the ultimate recording-tool capable of grabbing sounds from any source including CDs, DVDs, tapes, live shows, TV, online radio, video games, and converting them into audio files…

LightMan TagEditor

With LightMan TagEditor you have access to an abundance of features and options like creating playlists, organizing folders, renaming files, exporting data using different formats, and other.

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